The new GranTurismo is a true masterpiece of Italian design. It was designed to give drivers the ultimate Maserati driving experience. Every feature is unique while staying true to iconic Maserati features. The GranTurismo Collection includes: GranTurismo Sport, GranTurismo MC and GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition. Each trim option is distinctive and dynamic.
Interior Features
The Maserati GranTurismo has an all-new interior that redefines grand touring. It is equal parts stylish and comfortable and was designed to make journeys both long and short a true pleasure. The interior can be customized to be luxurious, sporty, or both with a wide range of customization options including: dashboard trims, door panels, rear side panels, interior leather, and Alcantara fabric options.

The cabin of the GranTurismo is meant to be both comfortable and inviting. Maserati's designers wanted both the driver and the passengers to have a great experience, so they designed the cabin around the potential occupants. They included sport seats that are upholstered in top-quality Italian leather. The seats are comfortable, but were also designed to provide both driver and passengers' torsos and legs with extra support during all types of driving.

Exterior Design
The GranTurismo was designed by leading Italian design house Pininfarina to have a unique silhouette, sleek racing lines, and an aerodynamic exterior. It's meant to highlight the GranTurismo's racing pedigree.

The front of the GranTursmo is dominated by an oval radiator grille--a Maserati signature feature. It also includes horizontal headlights, LED daytime running lights, and a long hood. The hood of the GranTurismo maintains its iconic V shape and has the three classic Maserati air intakes.

The GranTurismo maximizes aerodynamics in order to minimize airflow vortices that generally occur around cars at high speeds. The Maserati designers added radical new side skirts, triangular rear lights, and a wide diffuser that opens out over the lower part of the vehicle's rear bumper. All of these features exploit aerodynamic principles and give the GranTurismo a distinct air of power.

The GranTurismo comes equipped with a 454 hp, 4.7-liter V8 engine that delivers unsurpassed power and speed. The V8 engine is truly the key to the vehicle's superb performance and was designed by Maserati, but built by Ferrari.

The GranTurismo's engine emits the classic Maserati deep growl at low revs and deepensd into a much more fearsome roar as the needle approaches the redline. The sound alone is enough to turn heads everywhere you go.

The V8 engine is paired with a 6-speed, ZF automatic transmission. The transmission includes MC Autoshift technology that was engineered to deliver stunning acceleration and rev-matched downshifts through every speed and in every gear.

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