The all-new Maserati Quattroporte is the perfect combination of power, luxury and finesse. The Quattroporte Collection includes 3 unique trim options: Quattroporte S, Quattroporte S Q4 and Quattroporte GTS. Each trim option is unique and special in its own right, but each includes the unmistakable Maserati spirit and soul and delivers unsurpassed performance.
Interior Features
The cabin of the Maserati Quattroporte was designed to be a tranquil haven for all drivers and passengers. It is clean, minimalist and refined with features that contribute to a peaceful, quiet drive.

Maserati designers gave special attention to every detail of the Quattroporte's interior. They used high-quality Italian leather (which comes in a variety of colors and stitching combinations), hand-fitted wood or carbon-fiber trims (based on the trim level), and hand stitching to make the interior extremely comfortable and attractive.

Designers added 12-way power adjustable front seats that ensure an ideal, personalized driving position and a multifunction steering wheel. The wheel was designed with a highly tactile grip and was designed to be a model of ergonomic efficiency.

The Quattroporte's interior cabin also features: the new Maserati MTC 8.4-inch touchscreen, the latest infotainment system, and advanced safety features. The safety features include dual-stage airbags, active headrests, Advanced Driver Assistance System technology (adaptive cruise control, blind spot alert, rear cross-path detection, etc.), and a tire pressure monitoring system.
Exterior Design
The Maserati Quattroporte is a marriage of a balanced and dynamic appearance. It includes: a newly-restyled front grille, redesigned front and rear bumpers, LED light clusters at the rear, three air vents, frameless doors, distinctive quad chrome tailpipes and more. Its redesigned features give the car a greater authority and presence while also imparting a more sleek coupe-like appearance.

The Quattroporte was designed by engineers and designers to have unsurpassed aerodynamics. To contribute to these aerodynamics, designers added a spoiler that generates downforce at high speeds, a flat underbody design, and an Air Shutter behind the front grille of the vehicle. The Air Shutter controls the passage of air through the radiator and was designed to help reduce drag in the Quattroporte.
The Maserati Quattroporte comes with two powerful engine options: a 404 hp 3.0-liter V6 and and a 523 hp 3.8-liter V8. The V6 is used in the Quattroporte S and S Q4. The V8 is used in the Quattroport GTS.

Both engines are twin-turbocharged, engineered by Maserati, and built by Ferrari. They are unique to Maserati vehicles and will not be seen anywhere else. The 2 engines are unique, but equally remarkable in their own way.

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